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11 Mushroom Benefits For Women You Should Know About

As a woman, you must take care of your overall health. Menstrual cycles and other factors can affect your well-being, health, and clarity.

So, what can mushrooms do to help you stay on top of your health?

Mushrooms can have potential health benefits for women that extend beyond their nutritional value, providing women with the support they need for their wellness routines. Keep reading to learn about mushroom benefits for women!

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Why are Mushrooms Important for Women’s Well-being?

Mushrooms provide benefits for women’s health. Mushrooms contain vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help fortify and replenish your body with all the fuel it needs. They also provide a high amount of dietary fiber to aid healthy digestion. However, there’s a lot more to it!

Mushrooms contain beneficial bioactive compounds that help support cognitive function and energy levels and balance bodily functions. In the rest of this post, we will cover the 11 best mushroom benefits for women and what they can gain from incorporating functional mushrooms into their daily routines.mushroom benefits for women

11 Mushroom Benefits for Women You Should Know

Let’s dive in and discuss what you stand to gain from including mushrooms and mushroom supplements in your wellness routine! Below are some functional mushroom benefits for women.

1. Gut Health Support

All functional mushrooms contain prebiotic fiber in the form of polysaccharides that can help to support gut health and the body’s natural ability to produce good bacteria in the gut.

Tremella mushrooms can also support the body’s natural detoxification processes, thanks to 2 powerful bioactive compounds: Glucomannan and Glucuronic. You can have this mushroom in the Mushroom Revival’s Daily 10 Mix!

Much of your immune system resides in your gut, so by supporting healthy flora in your gut, functional mushrooms can also support your immune system, helping you stay balanced and healthy.

2. Brain Support

Many functional mushrooms, like lion’s mane mushrooms, contain compounds that support the brain and cognitive health. Inflammation in the body can lead to brain fog and unclear thoughts. By taking supplements that offer antioxidant support, you can also support the body’s natural inflammation response post-workout.


3. Memory and Learning Support

There are compounds in functional mushrooms, such as lion’s mane mushrooms, that can help provide support for the brain’s hippocampus region. The hippocampus is responsible for memory and learning, meaning a functional mushroom can be like your brain’s teacher—helping you absorb and memorize information more easily!

4. Skin Beauty

Functional mushrooms might become your new favorite skincare essential! Some functional mushrooms can offer potent antioxidant support which can be promotive to overall skin health.mushroom benefits for women

Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) contain compounds, such as triterpenes, that may contribute to your body and skin’s natural ability to retain water and support your body’s natural inflammatory response post-workout or other related activities. The powerful antioxidant support in a Chaga mushroom can also support healthy aging due to its dense nutrient profile, including essential vitamins and minerals, making this one of the mushroom benefits for women.

5. Immune System Support

Functional mushrooms contain 1,3 1,6 beta-glucans, which may support the immune system and promote healthy cell turnover and growth.

mushroom benefits for women

Adaptogen mushrooms, such as Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms, can assist your body in naturally “adapting” to the occasional stress response of daily life by supporting the endocrine system. A daily dose of this group of mushrooms can support you to withstand these stresses, equipping your body to focus on fighting viruses and bacteria instead!

These mushrooms can help to support women’s health, fortifying the body to take on any phase of a woman’s life!

6. Stress Management and Relaxation

As mentioned before, functional mushrooms contain adaptogens that help your body’s natural response to the occasional stresses of daily life. Stress management and relaxation are important elements in your wellness routine, and it’s important not to neglect them. If you forget to manage your stress levels, you could become burnt out and have a higher risk of becoming ill.

By taking adaptogenic mushrooms, you can easily access your zen and feel like your best self! As a woman, your mood swings can lead to occasional stress, which is why adaptogenic mushrooms can be useful for your mood toolkit.mushroom benefits for women

7. Support Energy Levels

For menopausal women, and during the menstrual cycle, it can be challenging to maintain energy levels.

Cordyceps mushrooms are a great way to support energy levels! Adding cordyceps mushrooms – cordyceps sinensis or militaris to your wellness routine can help support your cellular energy and endurance. It is a popular supplement choice amongst athletes due to its lung capacity and oxygen uptake, and athletic support, so it could provide you with the energy you need to survive any turbulent season of life!

8. Sleep Support

When you’re on your period or going through menopause, bodily discomfort can lead to a restless night of sleep. By consuming adaptogenic mushrooms that assist the body’s natural inflammation response post-workout, you can ensure deeper sleep and less sleep disturbance throughout the night.

Reishi extract can help support relaxation and your body’s natural sleep transition. It is popularly taken at night to support calmness, however, Reishi mushroom supplements can be consumed any time of the day to support the body’s “cruise control.”


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If you support your sleep with reishi mushroom supplements, you can rest more easily and wake up refreshed and prepared for a new day.

9. Hormone Balance

Hormonal imbalance can lead to mood swings, difficulty sleeping, and feelings of ill health. It’s essential to provide your body with the nutrients and compounds necessary to balance hormones.

If you seek support for hormone balance support, it’s worth considering functional mushrooms.

Reishi mushroom extract supplements have been used for many women going through menopause to support already healthy hormonal levels. Meshima mushrooms are also known for their ability to support healthy breast cells, promote natural menstrual cycles, and antioxidant support.mushroom benefits for women

mushroom benefits for women

You can incorporate these 2 functional mushrooms into your wellness routine with this mushroom bundle of Reishi + Daily 10 Mushroom Mix.

10. Excellent Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for keeping bones, skin, and muscles healthy. Deficiencies with this vitamin can tremendously affect your mood, which is why seasonal affective disorder is so common in the winter when there is less sunlight to provide the vitamin.

By balancing your mood, you can ensure you’re better equipped to handle the mood swings and turbulent emotions you feel when you’re hormonal.

Tremella mushrooms are high in this vitamin, supporting the normal levels of serum calcium and bone density and helping with the body’s natural absorption of calcium.

When expose to UV light, Shiitake mushrooms not only produce vitamin D2 but also produce vitamin D3 and vitamin D4! This functional mushroom can also help support bone health, as well as healthy cell growth and supporting immune system function making it one of the mushroom benefits for women.


11. Cholesterol Support in Already Healthy Levels

As most women age, cholesterol levels can rise and inhibit healthy blood pressure and blood flow.

Functional mushrooms help support cardiovascular health with a healthy dose of 1,3 1,6 beta-glucans. These mushrooms contain powerful polysaccharides that have been shown to help support normal cholesterol in healthy ranges.mushroom benefits for women

Mushrooms like Reishi mushrooms and Maitake mushrooms are known to support cardiovascular system function.

Takeaway on Mushroom Benefits for Women

As a woman, there are extra considerations you must make to feel your best—avoiding mood swings, and supporting hormonal health. By adding functional mushrooms to your daily routine, you can feel balance and harmony with your hormones—feeding the divine feminine!

If you’re interested in using mushroom species to support your overall health, why not check out the mushroom supplements we offer here at Mushroom Revival? We offer many types of supplements so that you can get the health benefits of mushrooms your way!

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